How Much Would a Two Dollar Bill Be Worth?


The $2 bill is an active currency and retains its face value, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Collectible values for antique bills depend on the year, condition and printing errors, explains Two-dollar bills dating back to 1953 generally have a collectible value of $12 or less.

The highest collectible values are assigned to $2 bills that were printed before 1899, were not heavily circulated, remain in perfect condition, have a low serial number, and contain a mistake or unique signature element, says Antique Money. For example, a $2 bill issued by a national bank in the 1860s has a value of approximately $2,500 for an intact bill that has seen light circulation, according to Antique Money. A low serial number combined with a Jefferies Spinner signature raises the collectible value of this type of bill.