How Much Is a Stradivarius Violin Worth in 2014?

Nicu Buculei/CC-BY-SA 2.0

A Stradivarius violin made during or after the 1680s is likely to be valued between $100,000 and several million dollars. The worth of the instrument depends on its history, rarity and current physical condition.

The most money ever paid for a musical instrument was $15.9 million for a Stradivarius violin bought in 2011. Stradivari is said to have entered his “golden period” at the beginning of the 18th century, producing instruments whose quality superseded that of those before. As a result, violins from this period are considered to be far more valuable. Stradivarius violas are worth even more than his violins due to their increased rarity; only 10 are known as of 2014. The “Macdonald” viola, as it is called, is valued at nearly $45 million.