How Much Should You Tip a Valet Parker?


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Customers should tip their valets between $2 and $5 when picking up their returned cars, according to Emily Post's tipping guidelines. This represents standard tip-range etiquette, but the personal decision of how much to tip is based on the perceived quality of the service, the interaction with the valet and the understanding of the social norms regarding valet tipping.

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After compiling the results of an employee survey, VEGAS.com recommends a $5 valet tip for standard service, but the site also suggests that extra service or extenuating circumstances warrant a change in the tip amount. If a customer makes a special request, such as a car wash or luggage pick-up, the amount of the tip should increase accordingly. Valet service provided on a scorching hot Las Vegas day may also be considered as an extraordinary service that deserves a bigger tip. Regarding when to tip, opinions are divided between offering the full tip when picking up the car or splitting the tip in two between the drop-off and pick-up times. At Las Vegas hotels, where valet service is free and guests save on parking costs, customers can navigate and comply with the accepted customs by understanding that valet tipping is an expectation and that $5 is the suggested base amount.

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