How Much Plastic Surgery Has Nancy Pelosi Had?

Despite widespread speculation that she has undergone a number of plastic surgeries over the years, Nancy Pelosi has never confirmed or denied rumors. Neither has the congresswoman addressed suggestions that she has received repeated Botox injections around her mouth.

In 2011 when she was 71, Pelosi was the focus of rumors that she had undergone a facelift as well as an eyelift. That year the Washington Times reported that a Detroit plastic surgeon concurred, saying, “A woman her age shouldn’t look that good.”

Four years later, Senator Lindsey Graham apologized after joking about Pelosi’s alleged cosmetic surgeries during a private fundraiser. He later acknowledged that his remark, which implied no one could discern Pelosi’s facial expressions as a result of her many reported surgeries, was in poor taste. Then as before Pelosi did not address remarks, nor did she confirm or deny that she had undergone a facelift.

Many Pelosi supporters, as well as women’s rights advocates, have pointed out the double standard regarding high-profile people and cosmetic procedures. They note that both Vice President Joe Biden and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared to have received Botox injections but suffered far less scrutiny by fellow politicians and the press.