How Much Money Does the Average Person Spend?

As of 2014, an average person spends $3,735 per month. This monthly average amounts to $44,820 per year and this is approximately $5,000 less than the average consumer spent in 2007, when the average was $49,648.

Americans spend the most money on housing and utilities, which includes rent or mortgage, natural gas and electricity bills. The second highest expense is with healthcare and this includes fees for hospital care, nursing home care, home healthcare, doctor services, dental services and medical laboratories. Americans also spend a lot on miscellaneous goods, including things like household cleaning supplies, tobacco, jewelry, photo and films supplies, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, personal care items, watches and games, toys and hobbies.

People spend the least on household furnishings, including furniture, dishes, outdoor equipment, appliances and tools. Recreation items are the second lowest expense for Americans and this includes things like television, musical instruments, pleasure boats and bicycles.

There are some things that cost Americans a lot of money each year that is not a part of the average spending figures. On average, American households have $15,270 in credit card debt. ATM fees are another area of expense with $3.81 being the average ATM for an out-of-network ATM. In 2010, Americans as a whole spent approximately $7 billion in ATM fees.