How Much Developer Do You Add to Hair Color?

Alexandre Breveglieri/CC-BY 2.0

The amount of developer added to hair needs to be equivalent to the amount of color used. This measurement ratio applies no matter the scale or variety of products being used. Carefully adding the right volume is important for getting the desired results.

Mixing developer and hair dye requires an exact 1-to-1 ratio. No matter the kind of measurement being used, these two amounts need to match. Whether it is half a bottle, 1 ounce or a spoonful, use exactly the same volume of developer as dye in every application.

Too much or too little developer results in inappropriate hair color results. Putting too much developer in dye makes the final product much lighter, while a lack of developer produces a much darker shade than intended.

Adding developer to hair dye needs to be an exact process, as there are considerable physical problems follicles encounter when too much developer is present. Some long-term damage is possible when strands are inundated with bleaching and lightening products. Excessive dying also harms the health and hardiness of hair follicles, so re-dying is not a good option. Careful measurement and attention to detail is important for achieving the perfect balance of developer to color.