How Much Does It Cost Per Month to Rent a PODS Storage Unit?

As of 2015, renting a PODS storage unit costs anywhere between $100 to $200 per month, depending on the size of the unit. PODS come in 7-foot, 12-foot and 16-foot units.

Additional charges for delivery of the empty PODS unit to a home apply, and this amount also depends on the size of the storage unit. A 12-foot storage PODS unit typically costs $110 to deliver, as of 2015. The contents of a 1,200-square-foot home should fit in a 12-foot storage PODS unit, while the contents of a 1,600-square-foot home should fit in a 16-foot storage unit. If the unit is being used for storage while remodeling one or two rooms, it’s best to rent the 7-foot unit. Pickup of the storage PODS unit and delivery to another location incur an additional charge that depends on the distance traveled.