How Much Does It Cost to Eat at Hometown Buffet?

Rusty Clark – 2.0

The cost of eating at Hometown Buffet typically ranges between $0 to $11. Prices vary depending on whether a person dines during breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as a diner’s age. Appetizers and specialty menu items are priced individually and are not included in the cost of the buffet.

As of March 2015, an adult dining at Hometown Buffet during breakfast pays $5.95. The price for the children’s breakfast buffet ranges from $0 to $4.49, depending on the child’s age. Adults pay $5.69 for the lunch buffet, Monday through Friday; $10.59 on Saturday and $9.89 on Sunday. Seniors with a senior club card pay $9.89 for the lunch buffet any day of the week. The children’s lunch buffet ranges from $0 to $4.99. The dinner buffet is $10.59 for adults, Monday through Saturday, and $9.89 for seniors with a senior club card. The dinner buffet is $0 to $5.49 for children.