How Much Does It Cost to Build an Ice Rink?

In 2014, the cost of building a permanent ice rink is between $2 million to $7 million. Portable ice rinks generally cost between $25,000 to $500,000.

Permanent ice rinks are considered a major investment. Permanent rinks are located inside of a building that is designed with the surrounding community in mind. This multimillion dollar investment can include additional costs before the rink is built. Suitable property needs to be acquired that is big enough to hold the rink. Prospective owners must locate and purchase real estate. Another expenditure is the cost of hiring a firm to conduct location and traffic research studies. A municipality may require that such studies be done before it grants building permits.

A less expensive option is to have a custom portable ice rink built. These rinks vary in size from small to large. Portable rinks can be set up inside a large space, such as a sports facility, or they can be set up in a backyard. The flexibility of this type of ice rink provides investors with more affordable options. For instance, a portable rink functions the same as a permanent one. It can be used year round if desired, saving millions of dollars.