How Much Does a Case of Wine Weigh and More Facts

Marco Anghinoni/Flickr

A standard case of wine contains twelve 750ml bottles and has a total weight of roughly 40 pounds. A six-bottle case of 1.5L bottles weighs approximately the same.

Before it’s bottled and packaged, wine has a gross weight of 10 pounds per gallon, which is the equivalent of roughly five 750ml bottles. Add in the weight of the cork, glass, and label, and that puts the weight of each 750ml bottle at between 2.75 and 3.5 pounds each.

Some wine is packaged in boxes, so the finished case weight is less. The total gallonage of the wine remains the same weight, but the cardboard and plastic bladders are likely to weigh less than glass bottles.

How Many Bottles of Wine in a Case?

A standard case in the United States consists of 12 bottles of wine, each at 750ml in volume. A case contains a total of nine liters of wine. Cases of wine can range in price, but according to the Wine Folly, a case of average “everyday” wine will come in around $120, averaging around $10 per bottle. 

How Many Glasses of Wine in a Case?

If a 750ml bottle of wine contains approximately 25.4 ounces, and the serving size of wine is five ounces, then a bottle will pour just five glasses. Given that each case has 12 bottles, then you would have 60 servings. 

How Many Grapes in a Case of Wine?

Typically, a vine will produce about 10 bottles of wine. According to McEVOY Ranch, each vine contains around 40 grape clusters and each cluster has an average of 100 grapes. With a case containing 12 bottles, that would mean it would take 48 clusters. At 100 grapes per cluster, it would take 4,800 grapes to produce a case of wine. 

Other Facts About Wine

One of the earliest traces back to wine are from Georgia in 6000 BC, however, the earliest evidence of a grape-based fermented drink was found in China in 7000 BC. Wine symbolizes a culture of a fine life, and wine’s role has evolved throughout history as well as the art of winemaking. 

A recent study from Wines & Vines found that there were 8,391 wineries in North America, with 7,762 of those located in the United States, 568 of those located in Canada and 61 in Mexico. It won’t surprise any wine lover to know that in the United States, the same study found that there were 3,674 wineries located in California.