How Much Does an Automobile Tire Weigh?

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Tire weight varies based on the type of tire and the manufacturer. The average weight of a passenger car tire is 22 pounds. Light truck tires weigh an average of 35 pounds, and semi-truck tires can weigh up to 110 pounds.

Tires are made up of six parts: the tread, belts, sidewall, body ply, bead and innerliner. Up to 200 raw materials are combined during the making of a tire. Careful inspection is done on every tire before it is sold, and random samples are selected for additional testing. This testing can involve X-rays, test runs or cutting apart the tire. Certain vehicles require custom-made tires, a process that takes several months.

Tires that are maintained properly can last between 40,000 and 80,000 miles. Following the recommended tire pressure guideline is important as low tire pressure reduces tread life and increases the likelihood of tire failure. High tire pressure causes the tire to be more susceptible to damage from road conditions like pot holes.

A major Firestone tire recall occurred when a news story in 2000 linked several car accidents to Firestone tires on Ford vehicles. Over 14 million tires were recalled. An estimated 192 people died and 500 were injured.