How Much Is a 1954 Silver Coin Worth?

sergeyryzhov/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The worth of a 1954 silver coin depends on the type of coin and its condition. Common 1954 silver coins are the Roosevelt dime, Washington quarter and Franklin half dollar.

Because the value of silver coins is typically determined by melt value, a number linked to the current cost of silver, coin value tends to fluctuate in time. As of early 2015, a 1954 Franklin half dollar in perfect condition is worth $8 to $9.48. Half dollars minted in San Francisco, which is denoted by a tiny “S” on the back side of the coin, are more rare and have a higher valuation. Half dollars in average condition are worth about $6.31 regardless of mint location. A 1954 quarter is worth around $3. An average 1954 dime is worth about $2.