What Does “muah” Mean in a Text Message?

Pete/CC-BY 2.0

“Muah” is a written version of a kissing sound, and when written in a text message, it represents a kiss. Other versions include “mua,” “mwha,” “XX” and “smooch.” “Muahz” and “XX” represents multiple kisses, and “muah” can be used both in text messages and online.

Other ways to write a kiss include the emojis (:*), ( :-*), ( =* ) and ( 8* ). Other text versions of sounds include “ahem,” which represents a throat-clearing sound; “hmph,” which is an irritated sound; “huh,” a confused interjection; and “nomnom” and “omnom,” which are both eating sounds. Written versions of actions and sounds compensate for the lack of nonverbal communication in written messages.