Why Does My Mouse Freeze Up?

Some reasons that cause a computer mouse to freeze are loose wires, low system resources, outdated driver software or malware. Even though there are different causes, it is a common problem and one that is normally easy to fix.

If the cursor freezes while using the mouse, there are a few troubleshooting tips one can try. If none of the tips are effective at restoring the function of the mouse, it might be a technical issue that has to be fixed by a professional.

  • Check the wiring – If it is a wired mouse, do a quick check to ensure the cord has not come unplugged from the computer. If so, plug it back in to see if that fixes the problem.
  • Check system resources – Sometimes too may programs cause a reduction in system resources which may cause the mouse to act erratically. Try to close down a few unnecessary programs to free up some resources.
  • Check to see if the driver is outdated – Drivers help the computer run the devices correctly. Look for updated driver software and, if so, install it.
  • Scan for malware – In some cases, malware may cause the mouse to freeze up. Use a trusted antivirus to scan for malware. If any is found, remove it and restart the system to see if that helps the problem.