What Is Some Motorcycle Gear for Women?


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Jackets, helmets and eye protection are some of the motorcycle gear women use for safety. Jeans and other long pants provide good coverage for the legs, and they are usually worn with T-shirts and vests. Women riders also use hair protection products, rain protection gear and accessory pouches for comfort.

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A jacket with armor in the back is useful in the event of an accident, and it can be stylish as well. If the jacket isn’t waterproof, rain gear big enough to fit over the jacket is available. Women’s helmets can be customized for a better fit, and they are available with or without a visor. When a woman wears a helmet without a visor, eye protection is essential, and it must fit securely. Women wear either goggles or sunglasses depending on personal preference. Women riders normally choose chaps, jeans and pants over shorts and skirts. In the event of an accident, long pants can minimize cuts and scrapes, and they protect against burns from hot pipes. Tops are layered for comfort and include short- and long-sleeve T-shirts, vests and knits. Hair wraps prevent helmet head; they consist of an elastic band that holds a flat, knit piece of cloth over the hair. To store their gear, women riders use fanny packs instead of purses. They also use soft, detachable pouches held in place by magnets.

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