What Motivates Mars in Libra?


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Mars in Libra is best motivated by a close partnership that allows for taking care of another, according to AlwaysAstrology.com. People with Mars in Libra prefer to pursue the intellectual side of life, and they enjoy making fair compromises between themselves and their partners both at home and at work. They would make great marriage counselors, diplomats or lawyers, as they feel motivated by professions that require achieving balance.

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Mars in Libra tends to be indecisive, which can present itself as procrastination. While trying to weigh out every option available, Mars in Libra may miss the boat and be left feeling stuck in a situation that is self-created. Therefore, it is important for Mars in Libra to make a decision and stick with it regardless of the consequences. Doing so ensures that motivation isn't lost on worrying about a specific outcome.

Mars in Libra also has a need to be charming in every situation. That need may cause true emotions like anger and sadness to be repressed. As a result, energy is wasted on manipulative or passive-aggressive behaviors, which are counterproductive. It is important for Mars in Libra to express honest feelings whether or not it's attractive to do so on the surface.

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