What Motivates You to Do a Good Job?

A wide range of factors motivates people to do a good job. These factors include challenging plans and goals, clear responsibilities and roles, a compelling purpose and optimism for personal and professional growth. Motivation depends on the personal background and experience of an employee.

People are motivated when they feel that they are contributing toward something important, explains Fortune. Employees seek to know what their employer and colleagues expect of them. As a result, employees who feel valued for meeting work expectations are motivated. Positive feedback on performance allows employees to control their own work without the need for supervision, leading to increased motivation.

The potential for rewards, achievement or advancement motivates people because of the intrinsic need to gain from personal success, argues CNN. People are motivated when they have a desire to excel for their employers and co-workers by doing a good job.

Personal satisfaction in providing the best customer services is also motivating. Compensation systems, such as commissions, are strong motivators for employees, especially salespeople. In addition, self-confidence heightens the energy or motivation of employees. People also are motivated when they participate in solving problems or making decisions, notes Wikipedia. Flexible work schedules are motivating because they allow employees to achieve work-life balance.

Workers get motivated when their needs for belonging and job security are met, states Wikipedia. Hiring managers interviewing applicants seek to know what motivates potential employees in order to determine the key to their performance, states About.com.