How Do You Motivate People When Work Volume Is High but Morale Is Low?

According to Mind Tools, in order to motivate people when work volume is high but morale is low, the team leader should take action to get organized, achieve measurable goals and rebuild self-confidence. Strategies to help build team morale may include reconnecting with the team, developing the team, improving the workplace, improving communication, setting measurable goals, rebuilding confidence, focusing on talent management and keeping people motivated.

Mind Tools suggests developing your emotional intelligence to understand the people around you. Rewarding achievement is a good strategy to boost morale. Helping people develop their skills can be done through cross-training, but this method should be explained that it is a means to develop the team. Rooms in the office should be safe and clean, with good lighting and provide the resources to enable team members to work efficiently. Mind Tools suggests listening actively to improve communication in a team and that communication is a two-way street.

Establish an understanding of the company's mission and vision to employees. By delegating tasks to employees you can build confidence. Be consistent and keep people motivated to keep morale in the workplace high. Mind Tools emphasizes the key for the team leader is to focus on when team members morale is low and revamp yourself to be a model of someone who takes action and maintains high moral, thus leading by example.