How Do You Motivate People?


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Motivate people by helping them feel part of a bigger vision, by showing them that what they do is necessary to achieving the goal, and by paying attention to what excites them. Be aware that people generally do things either to avoid loss or to gain benefit.

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Acknowledging and rewarding their successes motivates people. Recognizing past accomplishments encourages individuals toward future progress. Capable leaders see themselves as the source of motivation for team members who consult them for guidance or who need encouragement and inspiration.

It's important to give clear instructions concerning job expectations. Giving people multiple reasons for doing their job effectively helps them avoid anxiety and discontent. Sharing in their sacrifice and showing willingness to carry the load provides motivation. Often people feel motivated when they hear words that relay emotion, such as pride, excitement, the thrill of achievement and sense of belonging. Other less-competent employees need to hear words that generate fear of loss, such as the possibility of position demotion or termination.

Effective leaders motivate by example, inspiring people by their character, reputation and behavior. They demonstrate what is expected whenever possible. People are motivated by the creativity, sacrifice and exertion that gets the job done.

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