What Was Mother Theresa's Role in Caring for People With Leprosy?

Mother Teresa had many roles in caring for people with leprosy, which include raising awareness about the disease, establishing a leper colony, and setting up a Leprosy Fund. Her work improved the perception that people had of leprosy, allowing many to understand the disease more thoroughly.

One monumental role Mother Teresa had in helping those infected with leprosy was the work she did in setting up various institutions to raise awareness about the disease. One tradition she established was Leprosy Day, which is the last Sunday of January. This day's importance is in how it was used to educate people about the disease. She also set up a Leprosy Fund to help raise money for those affected by leprosy. Due to the diligent work she did in raising awareness of the disease, the leper colony,Shanti Nagar, which means Town of Peace, was built on land that was donated by the government of India.

Mother Teresa also helped people medically, though not always directly. She was responsible for the setup of a large number of mobile clinics to help people afflicted by leprosy. She started her career as a nurse and a teacher and used the tools that she had acquired to help others, including those with leprosy.