What Do Moroccan People Wear?

Moroccan people often wear clothing that directly ties to their religion and the climate of the region. Loose fitting gowns, called djellaba, are frequently worn by both men and women over their everyday clothing. They are hooded garments that cover everything except for the face, hands and feet.

While the djellaba is worn by both genders, its function is different for the two groups. For women, it is worn for both fashion and to maintain modesty, as Morocco is a Muslim country. It is sometimes accompanied by a scarf worn either around the woman’s neck or head to cover her hair. For men, it is mainly worn during special occasions, along with a hat called a fez and leather sandals called baboush. Djellabas are usually worn outside but can be worn inside depending on the occasion.

A kaftan is an article of clothing like a djellaba, but without the hood. Women wear them during special occasions, such as weddings, as it is very intricately decorated. Kaftans are usually worn under another gown called a takshita, which is known for its detailed designs, wide sleeves and handmade buttons along the front of the gown. However, both kaftans and takshitas are only worn inside during special occasions.