What Are Mormon Women Required to Wear?

Dress codes for Mormon women include skirt suits, sweaters, dresses and modest-length jackets with blouses. Shirts with sleeves that are shorter than half-length must be worn with a long-sleeve cover shirt. The length of skirts and dresses must fall below the bottom of the knee when sitting or standing, accompanied by hosiery that is not made of fishnet or lace. Legging bottoms cannot be visible and should be worn with boots. Alternately, matching nylons can be paired with flat shoes.

The hair styles of Mormon women should be conservative, easy-to-manage and natural. Hair clips or headbands should be small and feature a conservative color or pattern. Cosmetics are not required, but when worn, should be neutral and modest in color and style. Perfume is permitted, but cannot be overpowering or distracting.

Shoes should be closed-toe and closed-heel for safety, and heels should be no higher than a pump wedge. Only one pair of earrings may be worn at a time, and the length of the earrings cannot be longer than 1 inch below the earlobe. All other piercings, along with tattoos, are unacceptable.

For Mormon women, handbags should also be kept as small as possible to suggest modesty and minimalism.