What Are Some Facts About Mormon Holy Underwear?

Mormon holy underwear is a special garment worn by Mormon adults who have participated in the endowment ceremony. Mormons wear the garment day and night at all times after the ceremony.

Mormon underwear is a two-piece garment that ends just above the knee. Male tops come in tee-shirt style while female tops are available in rounded or sweetheart necklines. The standard garment color is white unless the Mormon is a member of the military.

To Mormons, holy underwear garments symbolize the covenant that Mormons have with God. The garments are regarded by Mormons as protection from the corruption in the world. The underwear also serves to remind members to always dress modestly.

The founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, taught followers that the garment was as sacred as purity or virtue. There are tales in Mormon folklore that some Latter-Day Saints cite as evidence that Mormon sacred garments help people survive fires, car wrecks and natural disasters.

It is common for Mormons to wear Mormon underwear in place of regular underwear. Mormon teachings instruct followers that the garments can be removed in a few specific cases such as swimming, being intimate in marriage and using the bathroom. Members are advised to put the garment back on as soon as the activity that required its removal is over.