What Are the Moral Rules About Pictures of Breastfeeding?


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The morality of pictures of breastfeeding women is highly subjective, but such pictures are generally considered moral when their purpose is to promote breastfeeding. Pictures that are instructional, do not depict minors and do not show other exposed areas of the body are also generally acceptable.

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Rules regarding the exposure of female breasts in public and photos depicting breastfeeding vary widely among cultures. In the absence of a universal moral standard, analysts turn to social media platforms such as Facebook, which has a membership encompassing every age, religion, geographic location and culture. Facebook's obscenity rules once prohibited all photos containing any display of nudity. However, over time, the company's policy shifted, first allowing breastfeeding photos in which the nipple is not visible and then allowing photos in which only one breast is exposed. As of 2015, Facebook allows nearly all breastfeeding photos.

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