What Does a Moon Sign Table Include?

A moon sign table includes the year, the date, the time and the astrological sign the moon entered into at a particular time. It also includes the date and time that the moon moves into a different astrological sign, according to LibraRising.

Most people are aware of their sun sign, but few people outside of astrology enthusiasts are aware of their moon sign, according to Lunarium. A moon sign indicates the Zodiac sign in which the moon was in at the time of a person's birth, and offers a more complete picture of a person's character and personality than a sun sign, which is just a partial description of a person's core traits. Moon signs are especially useful for women, explains Lunarium, as the moon rules qualities that are of primary importance to women.

Lunarium states that most people are more familiar with sun signs because they can be determined simply by knowing the date of a person's birth. Moon signs are more complicated to calculate. Determining a person's moon sign requires being observant of the astrological laws of the motion of the moon. Special tables or programs must be used to locate the position of the moon on a particular day and time.