What Is the Monthly Fee to Send a Child to Mathnasium?

The cost for sending a child to Mathnasium varies by program type and location, but monthly fees usually run between $175 to $225, according to Mathnasium franchising website 1Mathnasium.com. New students also pay registration and assessment fees that may amount to more than $100, as of 2015.

Check Mathnasium’s official website at Mathnasium.com for a list of nearby franchise locations to discuss current enrollment fees and register a child for an assessment test. Franchises sometimes announce special promotions through their websites.

Mathnasium Learning Centers provide math tutoring to children in grades K through 12 during one-hour sessions. Specially trained Mathnasium instructors diagnose children’s problem areas through oral and written tests and then create customized learning plans to ensure that children master identified math skills.

As of 2014, there were 469 Mathnasium franchise units across the United States, according to Entrepreneur.com.