What Is the Month of March Known For?

March is known as the month that "comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." It is also known for the Ides of March, the ancient full moon and the date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated.

March came to have the idiom of the lion and lamb associated with it because of its tumultuous weather. It straddles winter and spring and tends to display characteristics of both. The weather may fluctuate between snow and warm spring-like weather. Although either weather pattern happens throughout the month, generally its considered that the beginning of the month sees the end of winter with milder weather toward the end of month.

Another thing for which March is known is the Ides of March. In the ancient calendar, the Ides of March, the 5th, marked the final stage of the first full moon of the New Year, and a major festival was held by the Romans. Julius Caesar added 10 days to the Roman calendar when he took reign and moved the New Year to Jan. 1. Ironically, he was assassinated on the Ides of March by members of his own senate who feared that his status as dictator for life was a threat Rome.