How Do You Find Money Owed to You?


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There are several places to look for unclaimed money, including searching records in each state in which one has lived, contacting previous employers and pension-holders and looking at old tax returns. One can access a state-by-state search by contacting the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators through its official website.

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A state search typically involves one's first and last names, business name or specific reference number. If one finds matching information, a claim is then filed and processed. Contacting previous employers or pension holders is another way to find money that may be owed. Many times companies go out of business prior to releasing paychecks or pension funds, which results in unclaimed monies or property.

Contacting the Internal Revenue Service to determine whether or not one is missing a tax refund is another way to determine whether or not one is owed money. One can also calculate the value of savings bonds and turn them into cash by taking them to a bank.

Other unclaimed monies can come from closed banks, bank or credit union failures or from the Securities and Exchange Commission. If one has damaged money, it is possible to have these monies replaced by contacting the Treasury Department or one's local bank.

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