What Is a Modern Family ?

modern-family Credit: Blend Images - Sollina Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Many modern families are unconventional and have similar challenges and triumphs, as portrayed on the popular sitcom, Modern Family. The show humorously depicts the life of family patriarch, Jay Pritchett, who is navigating a second chance at happiness with his much younger second wife, Gloria, and her precocious son, Manny. Jay has two grown children, Claire and Mitchell, who experience plenty of family drama with their own partners and kids.

As is the case with many real life families, the characters on Modern Family are learning how to get along with each other, as well as understand and accept individual differences among family members. For example, Jay struggles with culture and age differences with Gloria, a native of Columbia. Manny is chubby but sees himself as a ladies man. Mitchell and Cameron are a gay couple with opposite personalities, who are raising an adopted Asian daughter. Claire and her husband Phil struggle to maintain an open and honest relationship with each other and with their three kids, each of whom are vastly different in personality.

Modern Family is praised by television critics and fans alike for its depiction of average family life. The show has won many prestigious entertainment industry awards for best or outstanding television series, acting performances, directing and editing.