What Is Missouri CaseNet?

The Missouri CaseNet system is designed to make it easier for people to gain access to information regarding court cases. Using the online system is simple. Users simply log on to the site and then enter the details of the case they are interested in.

Users are then given an overview of all the details of the requested case, including its progression through the court system. The institution of the CaseNet system was a response to the need to make the judicial system more public. Because the judicial system is funded by the public, it is important for all members of the public to be able to access the information they need from the courts. The CaseNet system is therefore designed to try and ensure that anyone can use it. This in turn makes life more convenient for the residents of Missouri, because they do not need to struggle in order to get information about pending cases in court. It also makes it easier for researchers and other interested parties to trace any case or set of cases going through the legal system to identify instances of unfair treatment or systemic issues such as illegal handling of cases or discrimination.