How Do You Get Your Minister Certification Online?


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If you meet the eligibility requirements for ordination as a minister in the county where you legally reside, a number of churches offer online certification as a minister. Universal Life Church, American Fellowship Church, Open Ministry and American Marriage Ministries are just a few of the interfaith churches making ordination as a minister easy to achieve online.

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As advised by wikiHow, learning your county's requirements for legal recognition as a minister is the necessary first step to ordination. Some states do not recognize online ordinations at all, while some require a person to be serving as a minister of a church congregation to receive legal recognition. It is also important to realize that some organizations, such as prisons and hospitals, that allow outside ministers to visit people in their care or custody have the right to refuse recognition to certain ministers.

There are other factors that someone considering ordination as a minister may wish to take into account before proceeding. If the candidate is already a member of a church, will ordination by another church change his or her current church membership status? If the candidate wants to lead a congregation, many churches may be reluctant to hire a minister whose ordination was achieved online instead of by seminary training. Finally and importantly, care must be taken to obtain ordination from a legitimate, incorporated service.

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