What Are Some Mind Control Techniques?


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Mind control techniques require isolation of the subject and complete dependence on an authority, and the first phase of thought reform breaks down the subjects' egos. The authority figure imposes a new identity through behavioral modification, coercion and repetition. Finally, the authority offers the subject the illusion of choice, which is followed by rebirth and overwhelming relief. As of 2014, very little evidence exists to support the veracity of brainwashing.

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What Are Some Mind Control Techniques?
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Mind control refers to theoretical processes utilizing any tactic, psychological or biochemical that inhibits a person's autonomy and involuntarily alters her values and beliefs. To achieve this, the authority repeatedly assaults the subjects with claims that they are not who they think they are, and they do not know what they think they know. This continues until subjects become so confused or disoriented that they agree. The authority then shames the subjects until they deny all previous attachments and values. The feelings of betrayal to loved ones and former principles demoralizes the subjects even more.

Subjects are then instructed on the correct course of action while the authority plays mind games designed to reinforce new values and behaviors. These include mind-numbing exercises, such as monotonous chanting, rhythmic praying and repeating decrees. Subjects are required to confess in order to continue the sense of dependency. They are forced to use a new name. The authority rewards behaviors that conform to the new values and punishes those that don't. Sometimes psychoactive drugs are used to enhance suggestibility.

The subjects are told that their former beliefs are bad, not the subjects themselves. This leads to the illusion that the subjects came to their own conclusions. The authority offers a peaceful new life. Subjects are then placed in environments free from any contradictory influences where they can live according to these new beliefs without questioning them.

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