What Might You Learn in Adult Sabbath School Lessons?


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Adult Sabbath school topics cyclically cover the people and events in the Bible, beginning anew after a set period of time with Old Testament History. The Seventh Day Adventists schedule all Sabbath school lessons in quarterly publications in which members may see all of the lesson titles and dates, recommended Bible readings and the discussion questions. The lessons may span two or more class periods, such as continuing studies in the Book of Luke over four Sabbaths.

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Sabbath school lessons deal with prophecies as seen in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament. The lessons draw parallels between the end-time prophecies in Daniel with the present requirements for believers.

Adult Sabbath school lessons admonish believers to participate in prayer and fasting, live according to the Bible's laws, and witness to others. Adult Sabbath school lessons also teach converts the fundamentals of Christian living, missions, service and personal responsibilities to the church.

Sabbath school lessons go through books of the New Testament, studying about the coming of Christ, his death, burial and resurrection. The lessons survey the establishment of the early Christian church through the apostles, or preachers, who traveled about. Students participate in extensive study of the life and teachings of Christ and how these lessons remain relevant for today's believers.

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