What Is Micro-Teaching?

Tetra Images – Jamie Grill/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Micro-teaching is a way to learn and train new teaching techniques. Teachers give lessons to small groups of peers to test out new ideas. After the mini-lesson, feedback is given so that the teacher can refine the technique.

Micro-teaching practice sessions have many benefits that help everyone involved get better at using certain techniques, which is useful for new ideas. The teacher learns how the method is used, how it flows within the structure of a classroom and how it fits his personality and personal teaching style. The peers who listen to the lesson get the student experience and are able to tweak the technique to better suit the student side of the class.

This is beneficial both to seasoned teachers and to teaching students. Seasoned teachers can always benefit from adding new teaching methods to their tool box, since it provides flexibility and gives them new ideas to use in unfamiliar situations or with a unique class. Teaching students, those who are going to school for degrees in education, get a head start in learning multiple methods of teaching. This also helps the students acquaint themselves with teaching and increases their comfort level, making it easier to transition to a real classroom after graduation.