What Do Mexicans Eat?

Mexican cuisine centers on corn, chili peppers, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products like cream and cheese, and a variety of meats. Some of the most famous Mexican foods are tacos, enchiladas, tortillas and salsa.

Corn has been a staple in the Mexican diet since before the arrival of the Spaniards. Beans, sweet potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and squash were also important foods in pre-Hispanic Mexico. The Europeans introduced many foods popular today such as dairy products, pigs and chickens. Many modern dishes combine the indigenous ingredients and styles with the European influences, such as topping enchiladas with cream and cheese or wrapping a taco in a flour tortilla.

In modern times, other international foods are influencing the Mexican diet, such as the addition of American soft drinks to the traditional repertoire of fresh fruit juices. Mexican cuisine also varies greatly from region to region. One example of such variety is the popular dish known as mole. Mole can be black, green, yellow or red, and may be served in a variety of contexts. The omnipresent tortilla can be made of either ground corn or wheat flour, depending on region. Despite the different ways of preparing tortillas, they are a staple across Mexico.