What Methods Are Used to Gather Data in Psychology?

Pyschology experiments are used to gather data in the field of psychology. These experiments use the scientific method to collect data and base conclusion on empirical evidence derived from the data.

Collecting data in a psychology experiment can be a long, complicated and intimidating process without a scientific method. Before data collection, a psychologist must clearly identify the question being researched and devise a method for collecting data. After collection, data needs to be analyzed in order for a researcher to reach conclusions and replicate the results. The data collection phase in a psychology experiment usually involves the selection of participant, followed by the administering of tests. Psychologists must use ethical procedures and gain permission to conduct any testing. Prior to getting tested, participants fill out informed consent forms that offer information on the study, the type of data gathered and the purpose of the results, according to About.com. Participants can also use the form to withdraw from the test at any time. Some examples of test procedures include observation, surveys and interviews, standardized testing, case studies and psychological measures. Standardized testing is most commonly used to gather and compare information collected from a group of individuals. In cases where a researcher requires detailed information about a participant, case studies are used to collect data.