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What a man goes through is often connected to the woman in his life. For example, a man's midlife crisis often coincides with his lady reaching menopause and the end of opportunity for reproduction, writes Satoshi Kanazawa for Psychology Today. A man is more likely to experience feelings of jealousy and rage if his female partner is young and attractive, occasionally leading to unreasonable or abusive behavior.

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While a woman can experience symptoms related to hormonal change called "menopause," a middle-aged man can encounter "andropause," complete with similar physical peculiarities, such as moodiness, depression, fatigue and decreased sex-drive. A man who is able to meet his own needs as well as the needs of a woman is more likely to transition easily into middle age. Men who have invested in fulfilling their dreams and leading a purposeful life are less at risk of going through emotional and mental crises than men who have concentrated primarily on caring and providing for others.

According to one study, men usually suffer more than women do after a break-up or divorce because they are more guarded about sharing their thoughts and feelings concerning change and matters of the heart. A husband is more likely to go through andropause if his wife dedicates her life to work and family.

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