Why Do Some Men Stay Single?

men-stay-single Credit: David Zach/Stone/Getty Images

Despite the pressure that often comes from society and family members, some men make the conscious choice to stay single for various reasons. Freedom, career ambitions and the avoidance of relationship responsibilities are a few of the core motives for men to stay single, according to J Coach.

Common expressions like "getting hitched," "settling down" and "ball and chain" symbolize the fears some men have about losing their freedom in a relationship. In a typical relationship, a man has to give up some of his personal interests and concerns to compromise with the interests of a significant other. Some prefer to hold onto their bachelor pad, video games, sports and time with friends.

Career pursuits either get in the way of relationships, or cause men to put them off. Career-minded men graduate from college and often dedicate much of the typical week working. They have limited time for meeting women and dating, let alone personal pleasure.

According to Ask Men and J Coach, some men simply lack maturity or the desire to grow up. Adult relationships often require a certain amount of maturity and responsibility for the mental and emotional health of both people involved. A man who is not prepared to have someone ask him to take out the trash, mow the lawn or help with dishes often wants to avoid a serious relationship.