How Do You Memorize Things?

How Do You Memorize Things?

When memorizing things, one method includes writing down the items to be memorized into lists and reading the lists repeatedly. Many different methods for memorizing things exist, but this provides a simple option for quick memorization.

  1. Find a quiet area

    To avoid distractions, find a quiet time and place. Relax and breathe deeply.

  2. Write down the list

    Write the items that you need to memorize in alphabetical order. Doing this lets you picture the sequence in which the items are written down. Write one item down, then close your eyes and say the name of the item out loud. Repeat this process for all of the items that you need to memorize. Make more than one list if you have to memorize over 10 items.

  3. Read the list

    Go over the list with your eyes without saying their names out loud. Scan the list from the top to the bottom, and then from the bottom to the top. Read the middle items a few times more than the first and last items.

  4. Write the list repeatedly

    Write the list again after you have read the items more than five times each. Try to recall the items without looking at your previous list. Try writing the list three times, and then check your first list to see if you missed any items. Continue rewriting the lists until you are able to recall all the items.