What Are the Membership Requirements for the Eastern Star?

Men must be masons to become members of the Order of The Eastern Star. Women desiring membership must have masonic affiliation with a living or dead mason whose membership is or was in good standing; this includes wives, daughters, mothers, widows and other close relations of Master Masons.

As of 2015, a complete listing of affiliation requirements for women wishing to join the Order of The Eastern Star may be viewed on the organization's website. Those wishing to join should contact a member of their local Chapter of the order or officials of the local Chapter. Local chapters may be found by contacting the Grand Secretary of the state or province in which the petitioner is located. Petitions for membership are reviewed by local chapters. Membership eligibility is verified, and the Chapter votes to decide whether or not applicants should be allowed to join the order.

The Order of the Eastern Star asserts that it is not a secret society. Members are not required to have a certain financial status to join the order. The organization does not bar religion, instead requiring that members must believe in some form of a Supreme Being. Members are not required to attend meetings. The order's General Grand Chapter is located in Washington, D.C. The General Grand Chapter may be contacted by phone, fax, mail or email.