What Are Some Meditation Tips for Beginners?


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Anyone beginning a meditation practice should remember to start slow, be consistent, and above all, do meditation her own way. Meditation can have long lasting benefits for the mind and body, but it requires a bit of effort and is different for everyone.

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Meditation requires practice, just like dance or a sport. Someone beginning meditation cannot be an expert overnight. Start out slow, with just three to five minutes a day of focused breathing. A beginner at meditation should not judge herself or her progress. If thoughts wander during meditation, just direct the focus back to breathing and continue. Over time, this happens less and less.

To get the best results from a meditation practice, make consistency a priority. Set aside a few minutes every day, at the same time if possible. Usually this is easiest first thing in the morning or right before bed. Once meditation becomes a habit, the practitioner is likely to see results much faster.

Meditation is a personal experience. A beginner at meditation should not compare herself to others or think she has to meditate a certain way, but should instead find out what works best for her while listening to and learning from others' experiences.

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