How Do You Meditate Properly?


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To meditate properly, begin by relaxing your mind and body to give yourself the inward focus necessary for successful meditation, according to Huffington Post. Use a method suited to your purpose to achieve best results. For example, mindfulness meditation involves focusing on your feelings and thoughts for half an hour each day.

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Relax your body by paying attention to your breathing, consciously slowing and relaxing inhalation and exhalation. Starting with your feet or face, relax one body part at a time and move along your whole body. Give special focus to parts of your body that provide energy, such as the heart and intestine, that are the sites of emotional stress in the body. As you breathe in and out, allow yourself to fall deeper into relaxation.

Relax your mind by observing your thoughts. Step back from your consciousness, and as a third-person observer consider the content and process of your thoughts. Visualize yourself in the meditation process. Choose a word that soothes you, and keep it in your consciousness. Visualize sending air into your brain each time you exhale. Pay attention to the energy that your thoughts contribute. Taking this objective standpoint can help the mind to relax.

After achieving relaxation, use the method of meditation that suits you best. Transcendental meditation involves repeating a "mantra," which can be a word or phrase. Keep your eyes open or closed, depending on which suits your personality and goals more.

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