How Do You Meditate?

How Do You Meditate?

To meditate, sit down, set a timer, focus on your breathing, and manage and understand your thought processes. Practice this on a daily basis, and it should start to feel increasingly natural.

  1. Sit down

    Find a location where you can sit comfortably for roughly 20 minutes without being interrupted. Sit in a position with your posture completely straight. It may help to sit on the edge of a chair or cushion.

  2. Time the session

    It's easy to lose track of the time spent meditating, and wondering how much time has passed can be a distraction. Set a timer for the amount of time that you plan to meditate, and then avoid thinking about the time.

  3. Focus on breathing

    Breathe in and out naturally. Pay close attention to each and every breath. Focus on the inhalation and the exhalation, as well as the pause between breaths.

  4. Manage your thoughts

    When your thoughts drift and you lose focus, simply acknowledge the thought and let it slide. Avoid interacting with the thought, and don't judge yourself when you lose concentration.

  5. Ignore the voice in your head

    It's common to have thoughts about things you need to do or ideas. You may also feel like you're late for something. Ignore these thoughts. Instead, focus on how thoughts emerge and connect, and try to develop an awareness of yourself beyond your thoughts.

  6. Repeat regularly

    Meditate often at home, and whenever else you feel like it. Do this every day.