How Do You Measure Success?


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In order to accurately measure success, you must first define what success in life and business means to you personally. Establish goals and intended results as a means of recognizing achievement when you arrive at those benchmarks. Knowing where you are headed and marking progress along the way creates motivation.

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Making decisions during the goal-setting process enables you to identify and celebrate personal victories throughout the journey toward reaching what you've deemed important. Anticipation of achievement creates positive energy, which helps with focus and forward motion in the direction of a specific purpose. Rather than trying to live up to another person's idea of success, chart your own course based on research and introspection. Take inventory of your personal strengths and weaknesses. Factor your ability to positively function at home, in relationships and in a group.

Determine how the success measures that you have decided on compare with specific corporate and job site expectations. Access publicly available information, such as news postings and message boards, to learn how various companies measure success and what they expect from their employees. Prepare to accept challenges that may arise, and always have an alternative plan in case things don't go as hoped for or anticipated.

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