How Do You Measure a Refrigerator’s Dimensions?

Yana Bukharova/Moment Open/Getty Images

To measure a refrigerator’s dimensions, open the refrigerator door, measure the depth of the refrigerator from the front edge to the back wall, measure the height and width of the refrigerator’s opening and then multiply the height, width and depth to determine the cubic foot measurement. Then, take the same measurements for the freezer, multiply them and add the two cubic foot measurements together.

Before buying a new refrigerator, it is important to measure the space it must fit into, according to GE Appliances. Not every refrigerator fits into every space. It is important to first measure the depth, width and height of the space. It is necessary to take several measurements in several places. Because houses settle over time, the width measurement, for example, may not be the same on both sides of the space. Measurement of the space for the door to open is also key. Some refrigerators require the door to be open 90 degrees for the vegetable and door bins to be accessible. The refrigerator door could also block the main walkway when opened if it is too large for the space. Refrigerators also need space for ventilation. The back and top of the refrigerator need at least 1 inch of ventilation space.