How Do You Measure the Handrail Height on a Staircase?

The proper way to measure the staircase railing height is to start from the end of the stair nosing and continue measuring upward to the railing?s top. The appropriate staircase railing height ranges from 34 to 38 inches.

The stair nose serves as the exterior projection of the stair tread. When installing stair railing, identify an ideal area, preferably solid wood, to affix the first handrail bracket. After marking the wall for the desired top height of the railing and the bottom area of the handrail bracket, mark drill points on the bracket, screw it to the wood, and secure the U-shaped sleeve with screws.

Stand at the edge of the railing, and fasten a 2.5-inch screw to secure the railing. Measure diagonally from the stair nose to ensure the railing?s height is accurate at both ends. Repeat the previous step in screwing the bracket to secure the second bracket in place. Once the stair railing is connected to two staircase brackets, run a chalk line along the top of the railing to determine at what height the railing droops.

Raise the railing using scrap lumber until the middle section reaches the chalk line. Thrust the lumber in place, and tap slowly to adjust the railing to an upward or downward direction. Finally, attach the middle brackets once the railing is in proper position.