How Do You Measure a Bend Radius?

The bend radius of a given conduit or substance is measured by subjecting the material to its maximum elastic stress point. The measuring process takes just a few minutes. The maximum stress point is the point beyond which it cannot return to its normal shape without suffering permanent damage or measure the distance from one point of the curve to another.

  1. Bend the material to a right angle

    Place the cable, wire or other material on a flat surface, and bend it into the shape of a right angle. If the material stops bending or begins offering more resistance, don’t try to bend it any further.

  2. Hold the material in place

    Using a clamp or other solid object, keep the length of material being measured in place so that it does not lose its bend. It is important that it be placed on a flat, smooth surface with no excess kinks or other deformities that could disrupt the measurement.

  3. Measure the angle and distance

    Set a carpenter’s square or similar tool so that the right angle fully encompasses the bend. Measure the distance from the angle’s vertex to the inner edge of the cable; this provides the bend radius of the conduit.