What Is Meant by Sensory Development?

Sensory development is the gradual process by which an infant’s senses begin to grow. These senses are sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing. Sensory development begins during gestation. However, an infant’s senses are not entirely developed even after birth. For instance, following birth, an infant’s eyesight is very limited, while sense of touch is well-developed.

Infants often respond to touch, and as they continue to grow, they begin to explore their sense of touch through their tongues and that is why many children tend to put things in their mouths. Again, this is how they explore their sense of taste.

An infants’ taste buds begin to develop eight weeks after birth. They react to bitter, sour and sweet tastes. However, when there are around 4 months, they begin to react to salty tastes.

A child’s sense of hearing is well developed at birth; however, there are sounds that a newborn child cannot hear. When children are around 3 months old, they begin to react to sounds by turning their heads to the direction of the sound. By the time they are 8 months old, children are able to identify certain voices, and they are able to match voices with faces.