What Are the Meanings of the Zodiac Symbols?

What Are the Meanings of the Zodiac Symbols?

Zodiac signs usually represent animals, although a few represent people or concepts. Examples of some animals that appear in the zodiac include lions, scorpions, rams, bulls and crabs.

The Aries symbol represents a ram. People who identify as Aries are strong-willed, passionate and spontaneous, like a ram. Other qualities associated with Aries are creativity, adaptability and insight.

Taurus is the zodiac symbol that embodies a bull. Bull-like qualities associated with Taurus include strength, stamina and stubbornness. Taurus also involves the positive qualities of love, sympathy and appreciation.

Scorpion-like qualities covered by Scorpio include boldness and secretiveness. Scorpios are also considered misunderstood individuals who display determination. Cancer represents the crab. Qualities associated with Cancers include loyalty, conservativeness and fickleness.

Leo represents the lion and its qualities, such as leadership, power and courage. Leos are also exuberant, opinionated and headstrong. Capricorn represents the goat; qualities associated with this sign include stability, organization, patience and perseverance.

The Gemini zodiac sign represents a pair of twins; Geminis tend to display flexibility, balance, adaptability, moodiness and motivation. Virgo represents a virgin. Virgos are thought to be chatty, inquisitive, impatient and opinionated. People under the Libra sign, which represents a pair of scales, are associated primarily with justice and balance.