What Are Some Meanings of Religious Attire?


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Jewish men wear the kippah, a religious skullcap that is a sign of awareness, respect and reverence to a higher power. Muslim women wear hijab, various garments to cover her body, maintain modesty, be respectable and obey God. Sikh men, and sometimes Sikh women, wear a turban out of love, obedience and respect for the wishes of the founders of the faith.

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Jewish law requires men to cover their heads when praying, studying the Torah, giving blessings and entering a synagogue, states Chabad.org. Traditionally, Jewish men and boys wear the kippah at all times as a symbol of their submission to a higher power. In the Quran, God asks women to cover their bodies so as not to display their adornment. Hijab attire varies by Muslim culture and includes simple head scarves, veils, burqas and shalwar khamis. Women choose to wear hijab to obey God and ensure moral boundaries between unrelated men and women.

Though many faithful Christians do not adorn specific religious attire, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly referred to as Mormons, wear a religious undergarment. The garments are a symbolic gesture that represents promises made between the wearer and God. Adult Mormons begin wearing the garments at a temple endowment ceremony and continue to wear it day and night afterward as a reminder of sacred covenants.

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